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Christina Bjenning


About Christina

Reclaimed fairtrade metals and fairytale stones passionately sculpted by a diminutive urban alchemist living in an one-squaremile-one traffic-light village on the north shore of Long Island, NY.
I design for Barbara Kruger, Jeff Bridges, T-Bone Burnett, Michael Franti, Bono and Ali, Jenny Craig, Lexi Galante, Monica Nowak, Bernadette Peters, Mark Hudson, Elizabeth Howe, Cathleen Falsani, awesome fellow artists, musicians, singers, art historians, Jungians, painters, sculptors, radiodj's, photographers, writers, tattooed lawyers, actors, healers, fellow animal lovers, music directors, art teachers, bankers, tribal bellydancers, bohemian muses, cowgirls, tomboys, wild moms and a few loose canons.

And I would absolutely love to embellish you!

I design in dusty boots to really wild music surrounded by seven mischievous fairies and a pack of rescue animals. I design for my Lord.

My designs won first price in the Jewelry category at Gallery North/ Art League of Setauket's Outdoors Art Show in 2012, won honorable mention from the Art League of Long Island and were selected from more than 400 entries to be included in the Hecksher Museum of Arts 2011 Biennial. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!


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