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Customer Feedbacks

Dear Christina - - oh my! This ring is just beautiful! The picture doesn't do it justice. Perfect fit & I just love the bronze/green gold - - this has become my very, very fav ring & that's saying something because you know how many of your rings I have! Your artistry is remarkable & so very soulful. Thanks, thanks, thanks!! Susan

Trinity Ring

What a STUNNING piece this is...even more gorgeous in person...I absolutely ADORE it!!!!! The aqua color is so lovely and the aquamarines so pure and beautiful...another treasure!!!!! As always, I couldn't be happier with it...I love ALL of your amazing work...thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! CynthiaG/3.29.2010/Shaque d'amour

Shaque d'amour pendant

Awesome friend Ryan Taliecio plays harp with Andreas Vollenweider... wearing his Wing necklace:D

Andreas and Ryan

I am an addict in no need of saving ; )

the sotf sisterhood bang-bang bangles

Bless your precious heart, Christina, for re-making my lost ring...this one is as incredibly amazing as the first...and as precious...... YOU are incredibly amazing and precious...thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue at the Savoy in Helsinki

I can't speak highly enough about my experience and how my custom ring came to be "born." Christine has been a delight to deal with before this and this time she raised the "customer service" bar even higher. She was super sensitive to my inputs all along the process and the result is a ring that I will be pleased and proud to pass on to my daughters. They will have to draw straws for you eventually can claim this beauty, or maybe they will share it but, in the meantime, it hasn't left my finger since it arrived on Valentine's Day. The woman behind "Esmeralda Designs" is brilliant, sensitive, bursting with ideas and joie de vivre!

Opal Tree Ring

little dragon [and his slightly naughty wing companion] arrived quickly and safely. and he WAS laughing with delight at being in a new and foreign land! i shall take great care of him and name him, love him, take him with me often. xx [thank you, christina, for the sweet little gifts: the white doeskin lace will be so lovely for winterwear....]

slighly naughty wing and dragon on cream doeskin

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, dear Christina, for creating this amazing spirit and love filled work of wearable art ...this miracle of a ring is such a treasure, and I'm honored and grateful to wear it, and to be a collector of your extraordinary work...thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Celtic Heart ring in reclaimed fine silver

I love this ring so much! It fits my finger perfectly. I love the organic look and feel that comes from fine silver. Would definitely recommend this ring or any other work from esmeraldadesigns!!! Love, love, love!

love birds ring in recycled fine silver size 6 1/2

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Christina. Your jewelry is beautiful and feels wonderful! I can tell it was made with love and great intentions. Thanks for the little surprises as well!!

roval honeycomb

there are not enough superlatives to describe how beautiful this ring is, nor to describe what a gifted artist christina is. this was a custom order. all i needed to do was suggest a few guidelines and christina's intuition and creativity kicked in. the end result....perfection. christina's jewelry exudes magic. if you want to put a smile on your face and always get a compliment every time you wear one of her pieces, you need look no further than her shop :-)

Wedding band

Full of wonder and good energy. Carries the name of my most beloved furry soul~sister. Made with love by an incredibly kind, infinitely talented, espresso~powered kindred spirit...obviously, my most favorite ring of all time ever!!!! ;) So close to my heart. Thanks a million!!!!!!!! Xoxoxox

"Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend.

Corey Ford

me and my dog memento ring

I love this ring...I don't know why but It reminds me a human heart, you can see the bubbles captured inside the stone. Ech time the light hits the stone it flashes back each place there is bubble. Much like the heart it looks smooth but all our history; memories, love and heartbreak are locked away all safe and protected until there is light and then flashes of laugher, love and hurts are laid out for all to see and notice if they choose. This is a special ring...it is beautiful, it changes and speaks to you through its abilitites to bring light in and shine on its own. This is marvelous and it will take your breath away...if you have a chance to buy one, I high suggestion you don't even hesitate. Thank you so much for this one of a kind piece that will bring me smile everytime I wear it. Awesome artist complete understanding of how to show the beauty of the stone itself. It's like bringing out the best in a person. Muwah!

Some Like it Hot Satin Flash Opal Ring

Beautiful!! You are awesome as are all of your creations!!

Vaya con Dios Bracelet