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I make primitive pret-a-porter sculptures in recycled semi/precious metals with classic and avant-garde metalwork techniques at times combined with Earth and People Friendly Materials such as Conflict Free Diamonds, Fair Trade Metals & Gemstones, lampwork glass, vegan and fairtrade leather.

Why recycled metals?

Conventional mining is very harmful to the environment; ONE gold ring,  mine to finger, generates five tons of waste. My fine silver is from eco-certified refineries, melted and reused scraps from my work-bench or up-cycled from components of photographic film, cellphones and computers. My bronze is made from reclaimed copper mixed with 11% tin.

    My Heart collection features fine silver jewelry that speak to your heart; check out my rings! My Soul Collection features soulful sculpted bronze pieces and lamp-work glass.  My Spirit collection features one-of a kind high-end spiritual pieces in 14K or 22K gold with exquisite precious stones. Currently sold out - I design only a few pieces every year. 


For more information: E-mail Christina Bjenning or Call: (516) 353-2388


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